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Destinations: Macau, HongKong, Shenzhen & Zhuhai
Flight: AirAsia AK50(14 Nov, 0600) - AK55 (20 Nov, 1720)
Budget: RM1500 (Air ticket RM365, Chinese visa RM40, Food, Accommodation, Transportation, etc)
Style: Backpacked (7D6N)
Weather: Sunny, 20ˇăC - 25ˇăC (Autumn)

Me, ChaiLan, Gerlin, GuanPei, HuiYing & SookChen traveled to Macau by AirAsia.
From Macau, we crossed over to HongKong by TurboJet(HK$142).
After 2-night stayed in HongKong Home Stay, we continued our journey to Shenzhen by KCR (HK$36.50).
Another 2 nights in Shenzhen, we took a bus for 3 hours to Zhuhai Gongbei (RMB90).
We spent 1 night in Zhuhai and 1 night in Macau (Augusters Backpacker hostel).

Photo Gallery by Flickr: HongKong > Shenzhen > Zhuhai & Macau

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