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Starbucks Coffee

50th Asia Pacific Film Festival
GSC Mid Valley & TGV KLCC
September 28 - October 2, 2005

Redemption of 4 Free Passes per person for selected movies, we had taken 4 movie tickets from GSC for Beautiful, Wonderful, Perfect(Bangkok) of 28/9 7:15pm, that evening followed colleagues to Mid Valley after work. The cinema was quite empty with half seated. Me and HuiYing decided to also lined up for TGV KLCC at Saturday for Train Man(Tokyo) at 12:30pm. Although the tickets were fully distributed, however the cinema was also half seated because some people tend to take 4 tickets but turned up 2 persons or less. We thought of getting Shutter(Bangkok) for next show but tickets were finished given. So, we ended up to have drinks at StarBuck Coffee with sugar Cinnamon :o)

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