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Eason 'U87' Promo Tour

9th July 2005, 8:30pm - Amphitheatre, Kompleks Sukan Negara Bukit Jalil > Hottracks Zone

Eason U87 free tickets were given by high school friends, we reached Bukit Jalil STAR LRT Station at 7:45pm. It was not that crowded as we thought. The view of stage was quite clear, we had plenty of space to chat and drink while waiting for Eason in Hottracks Zone.

8:30pm - DJ LamTakWeng gave away Eason Chan's Posters. 10 participants were chosen to go up the stage for games. It required each participant to sing the chorus of 'JikYongMouHanHou' (Sunset).

8:50pm - Eason appeared! He was wearing a white T-shirt with a grey 'X' pattern design, 'V' shape tear off collar, dark blue jeans. First song was 'YuJianLeNi'. The concert lights turned into blue color, slowly followed by pink and orange. Later, he allowed all fans to choose whether to sing 'FaoKua' or 'AhNgau' first. 'AhNgau' got the loudest shout.

Later, 5 out of the 10 chosen participants were welcomed to play soccer game with Eason. They were required to kick the ball from 1 side to another and speak out 7 song titles from Eason's U87 album. The fastest would get the prize. Eason explained the album title was chosen from a microphone named 'U87' which he could feel the music from the microphone surround his ear.

Then, the crew moved a large birthday cake with the shape of 'U87' up in front of Eason. Eason was surprised, he looked a bit silly, funny like a kid. A big poster was signed by Eason at the spot. Eason continued to sing 'FaoKua'. Followed by 'JikYongMouHanHou' with orange concert lights shining on the stage. He hoped end of next year 2006 would hold a concert in Malaysia.

9:30pm - Signature session started. Fans were allowed to get signature and to shake hand with Eason but could not take photos. His album 'U87' CD+DVD was sold at RM50 beside the entrance. We did not line up for this session and left.