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LeeHom Promo Tour 2005

25 April 2005, 8pm. Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon (Elephant walk entrance, enter after 6:30pm)

As 2 Tickets was received from Tiger Powerhitz contest, so attended LeeHom Promo Tour with primary school friend after work.
8:20pm reached Surf Beach. It was quite crowded, we've chosen to stand beside the big screen. Waited for 10mins, LeeHom arrived. All fans started to flash their digital cameras at LeeHom. He sang 'Yi Shou Jian Dan De Ge', 'Zhu Lin Shen Chu'. DJ Zhuo Hui Qin & LeeHom with 3 fans played song guessing games. LeeHom gave a big hug to that 2 girls, audience shouted out loud. LeeHom continued to sing 'Forever Love'.

9:00pm Signature session started. Half of the audience left surf beach.
The rest lined up to get LeeHom's signatures.

9:15pm Kiwi decided to buy his CD(RM40). In order to get the free poster, required to buy another CD or VCD. Kiwi kept that poster which I bought the VCD(8MVs of album, RM23, $2 more expensive than outside). Started to joined the queue for signature.

10:05pm LeeHom signed my VCD:) He looked at each person who gave the album for him to sign. He gave a pleasant & sincere smile to each ^_^ Even I'm not a fans of him but nice to meet him in person.

Map of Entrance to The Amphitheatre